The burden of debt can be overwhelming and debilitating. No one doesn’t want to pay their just debts, but sometimes good persons find themselves in the situation that he or she simply does not have the resources to meet the demands of their creditors. As consumers, we are encouraged by the banking and finance industries to pay for goods and services on credit with “no payment” until years down the road. We are encouraged to open a multitude of consumer credit accounts. Small business entrepreneurs find themselves incurring substantial personal debt and guarantees to obtain financing required for their business.

Incurring such debt leaves the individual vulnerable to a sudden inability to meet one’s financial obligations when life delivers a turn of events such as a job loss, interruption of income, illness or disability, divorce or any number of unplanned circumstances. These unexpected turn of events often result in additional debts such as medical bills, professional fees and more borrowing on credit. Over this horizon, foreclosure, collection activity and lawsuits become a storm of fear and confusion.

A consultation with Mr. McCullough will typically ease the fear and clear away the confusion of overwhelming debt. Mr. McCullough will analyze with you your financial details and help you formulate a plan of action that is best suited to your particular circumstance. Bankruptcy is often the best solution, but not always. Whether the solution is bankruptcy or some other alternative, Mr. McCullough can use his over 30 years of experience in this field to guide you and represent you through your chosen plan of action.